use and magical virtues of incense

For millennia, on all continents, men have fumigated to honor their gods, increase their level of consciousness and heal themselves. Whether they were shamans in Asia or America, sorcerers in Africa, voodoo, or priests in Egypt, they had discovered that the smoke of certain woods and plants could bring serenity, inner calm, protection against the forces of evil. , purification, attract good vibrations and luck we have always burned incense in magic whether it is to prepare a ritual to purify, or to attract a benefit there are different incenses here are the best: frankincense frankincense very powerful incense used during magic ceremonies, all incense is to be burned on coals


myrrh incense excellent for clairvoyance. Myrrh brings happiness and health in the family.


Dragon fly incense is an important home protector and purifier. It drives out depressive tendencies and dark thoughts. it is the symbol par excellence of prosperity and Purification. incense of Jesus in grains very powerful incense against the forces of evil to burn during all requests

Black Djaoui Incense

Black Djaoui grain incense is used in Arabic magic, promotes winning in games of chance.

copal incense

Natural copal resin is a grain incense often used for its purifying properties

Lourdes incense

Lourdes incense in grains promotes love in women. Particular effectiveness on feminine vibrations.

Nazareth incense

the incense of Nazareth in grains is very good for the commercial activities and the work, powerful church incense cleaning of the astral and scares away the evil spirits of the night Church incense is used for deep meditation, for the consecration of pentacles, talismans and prayers.

choeb incense

to burn against the evil eye, used in Arabic magic to be purified, against spells and negative vibrations Camphor Incense Natural camphor incense is used for the purification of places and psychic protection, as well as for health.

Camphor incense

is used in fumigation on a burning charcoal pellet. it destroys negative entities (larvae, shells, etc.)